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The Football to March Madness Transition

Feb 8, 2017

The Football to March Madness Transition
By: DJ Premo

I know, I know...Nobody is ready for the NFL season to be over.  I am sorry to break it to you but it’s time to move on.  What better way to get over the football season than by moving on to the single greatest sporting event. 

That’s right, I am talking about March Madness.  I decided to make it easier for all you football fans to understand by pairing some college basketball teams with their NFL equivalent.  After all, we are a football podcast. 

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (championship favorite)

As much as this hurts me to admit as a North Carolina fan, Villanova is the team to beat.  They are the reigning national champions and they return two ridiculously talented seniors in Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins.  Hart (19.8 ppg), in my opinion, is the best player in the nation.  He has the ability and the experience to score at will.  Jenkins (I hate him) is only 6’6” but has the body of a forward who can stretch the floor and hit threes.  Mark them down as a final-four team when you fill out your brackets this year.  You’re welcome.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (Traditionally good team who starts slow and catches fire)

Another pill that is hard for me to swallow but I believe this could be Duke.  Grayson Allen, who was picked as preseason National Player of the Year, has been no where near the player everyone thought he was going to be.  To be honest, he has been straight up trippin’ this year.  All bad jokes aside, the only player I have ever hated more than Allen is that piece of shit Dook calls JJ Reddick.  Anyway, Coach K is back from his surgery and Duke seems like they are slowly starting to put it together, which worries me.  UNC and Duke play Thursday at Cameron Indoor and if they truly want to turn a corner they need to win this rivalry game.  All ACC teams, with the exception of UNC, should fear Duke from here on out.  They will not be an easy out come March.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (team that fools everyone with a hot start the blows it out their ass)

This wonderful title goes to Indiana this year.  I know all of my Wisconsin fan friends love this because they own Tom Crean and the Hoosiers historically.  He just can’t beat them and he always makes the stupidest faces, which compare to “Eli Face.”  These posers started off the year beating both Kansas and North Carolina; I will never understand how they pulled either one of those games out.  They have had major injury (OG Anunoby) but they have had some really bad losses and have played terrible as of late.  Their losses include: Fort Wayne Mastodons (who the fuck is that?), Nebraska, Michigan and Northwestern.  This is just not a tournament team.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (team that struggles because of injury then gets healthy and scary)

I don’t want everyone to yell “EAST COAST BIAS” at me, so I am going to show the West some love and give this one to Oregon.  This team struggled just a tiny bit out of the gates without Dillon Brooks but when he came back they left no prisoners.  They have won 19 out of their last 20 games, the last of which being an absolute ass pounding of Arizona.  They are currently first in the Pac-12 and don’t have one guy that needs to dominate the ball.  Oregon has five guys that average double digits and none of them score more than 15 ppg; they are truly a team-oriented team.  I just wish the West coast games weren’t played so damn late so the rest of us could see their games.

MIAMI DOLPHINS (team that gets everyone hopes up in offseason and falls flat)

I had to do this for my co-host on the Loaded Box Podcast.  As you all know he is a big Dolphins fan and every year he gets excited in the offseason and then actual football begins and his world falls apart.  Although they made the playoffs this year they might as well have stayed home because the Fins certainly didn’t show up against the Steelers.  Miami’s NCAA basketball team is the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  This year they are undefeated and ranked first.  Go ahead and take a look at their schedule and tell me you are impressed by it because I am sure as hell not.  I continue to hear how legit Gonzaga is year after and I am GOD DAMN sick of it!  Nine out of 10 times they end up disappointing their whole fan base by losing in the first round or at best the Sweet 16.  I have never and will never pick the Zags to go to the Final Four and I have yet to be disappointed.  If you are in my yearly March Madness contest please pick them to go to the National Championship so I can receive your donation.

This may or may not be the only blog where I don’t strictly cover the NFL.  Please give me your feedback so I can decide whether I should do more articles outside of just NFL.  Lastly, make sure to visit for NFL analysis all year round; covering everything from fantasy football, NFL Draft/Combine and more.

LJ da Gawd
four and a half years ago


How iz the Dux (pot smoke Univercity) the SHITSburg STEALers comparison. Brooks wasn't out that long.

And the Dawgs schedule was relly solid before conference play. There a really good team and the fact you would compare them to the Miami Dolphins is nutz.

If you ever compare the francheyes of all francheyeses, the Green Bay Packers, to a team that features a coach who is the biggest hippacrit to walk the sidelines, a bunch of fresh-mans, and a player who, unlike Trump, is mentally unstable to lead, I won't ever reed another won of your blogs.

Other than that, great job.