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Top Three Reasons New England Wins Super Bowl 51

Jan 30, 2017

Top Three Reasons New England Wins Super Bowl 51

By: Ben Morgan

Unless you’re a Patriots fan you’re more than likely sick of New England representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Since 2002, New England has been the conference’s representative seven times – next best in the AFC is Pittsburgh with three appearances – and have won the Super Bowl four times. On Sunday, Tom Brady will look to become the only quarterback to win five NFL titles as Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Brady each currently sit at four.

While it’s far from a guarantee, New England is the favorite in Las Vegas as the Patriots are favored by three points with an over/under of 58.5; so a win on Sunday would put New England in a tie for second-most Super Bowls with San Francisco and Dallas – Pittsburgh leads the league with six.

Here are the top three reasons New England will claim its fifth Super Bowl on Sunday

1. Tom Brady wins, always

There’s a reason that New England has dominated the AFC for nearly two decades and his name is Tom Brady.

Since entering the league, Brady owns a 183-52 regular-season record and is 24-9 in postseason games. The next closest active player in regular-season wins is Drew Brees with 131 and Ben Roethlisberger has 13 postseason wins; so yes, Brady is dominating everyone.

More often than not throughout his career Brady has been able to relax in the pocket and pick apart opposing team’s defenses. If Atlanta is unable to produce any pressure on Brady, it could be a long day for the Falcons secondary which finished the regular season 28th in passing defense.

Even if Atlanta can confuse Brady once or twice in this game and force a turnover/bad decision, Brady and the Patriots rarely get routed so you can almost guarantee they will bounce back and get the last laugh.

2. Bill Belichick has two weeks to prepare

If the Super Bowl were played the week following the AFC and NFC Championship games I’d feel more comfortable about Atlanta’s chance of winning the game.

However, with the extra week of rest and preparation before the Super Bowl, I tend to give the advantage to the team with the better coach – in this case that is Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

New England already has a very good defense, allowing just 12.7 points per game over the last six games, so with an extra week to prepare for Atlanta’s high-powered offense, you can certainly bet that New England will have a few different strategies for containing the Falcons playmakers.

3. Experience

Thanks to this week’s podcast guest, Mitchell Renz, we learned that this is Brady’s seventh Super Bowl appearance while the entire Atlanta Falcons roster has combined for five appearances.

I’m not saying that this reason alone rules out the Falcons from winning, but there’s no denying the importance of putting the situation into perspective while playing in the biggest game of your life in front of the largest audience that will watch a sporting event each year.

There’s a reason that Brady has been compared to Montana and that’s because of his poise when put in high-pressure situations. Let’s remember, Brady has always had to make big plays in Super Bowls – every Patriots Super Bowl win has been by four points or less – so we know he can perform in the clutch.

We’ve never seen Matt Ryan in this situation before so we can’t predict how he will play; but despite what I want the outcome to be, I’m picking Brady over Ryan in Super Bowl 51.

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